Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Time to Dance

Bill Johnson, the pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, tells the story about a woman who came into their church one day and through the Holy Spirit he discerned that she was demon possessed. He went to their church’s “main dancer” and asked her to begin to minister in dance and as soon as she began to dance across the platform, it was if this demon possessed woman was a marionette and the strings were cut. The woman crumpled to the ground, the power of darkness broken over her life. Bill Johnson’s wife, Beni, then bent over the woman praying for her and ministering to her and the woman received salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

While we lived in Alabama, our church was blessed with revival that lasted over five months, during which over 700 people received Christ. The power of God during those five months was so wonderful that we had church six nights a week and stayed many nights until midnight, worshiping and ministering to those in need. 

Stretch Out Your Tent Stakes

My daughter, Laura Myers
Twenty one years ago my family and I left our home in  Denver, Colorado and moved to Auburn, Alabama for my husband to get his PhD in Economics.  During most of the five years we lived there we attended Auburn First Assembly of God; a church of about 600 people.  

I have always been involved in Worship Dance Ministry, thanks to Nina Korsen who pastored our church with her husband, Jeff,  in Denver.  When we began attending our church in Auburn I was so blessed that the Praise and  Worship was wonderful but disappointed that no one was dancing.  After attending there a while I couldn't stand it anymore and one Sunday walked to the back of the sanctuary and began to worship My God with dance.