Saturday, November 15, 2014

Disney Junior - Where the Magic Begins

Yesterday my grandchildren came over for a couple of hours while my daughter ran some errands. We ate a big lunch and then snuggled on the couch for 'a show.'  

Levi is 3 and Rhynn is 2 and they don't watch much TV so a show is a treat.  We turned on the Disney channel and watched two episodes of 'Sophia, the First.' Laura and I have been careful not to watch 'Sofia, the First' when the episode has a sorcerer and witchcraft but today the story was all about one of the princesses planning the perfect party.  So we watched it.

I noticed that during the entire hour of 'Sophia, the First' that both babies were completely mesmerized.  They never said a word or even changed position for the entire hour.  They both sat wide-eyed, each with a hand in their mouths.  I know now that the Lord brought that to my attention.

Their mom returned soon and they both went home for a nap.